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Learn tools to master your mental health, improve your relationships, and become your best self with hundreds of therapist-created courses, activities, and tips, all in the palm of your hand.

Guided Courses

120+ therapist-created courses and sessions on topics including mental health, relationships, communication, family and parenting, self-improvement, and practical life skills.

Therapeutic Activities

Learn new skills and reconnect with yourself with daily activities including breathwork, coping skills, relationship conversations, meditation, journaling, and affirmations.

Daily Remble Videos

30-90 second videos featuring practical tips and practices from licensed therapists.

Guided Courses

Discover 120+ engaging Courses and rapid learning Sessions, covering essential topics like mental health, relationships, family and parenting, self-growth, and practical life skills. Each Session features 5-10 minute video lessons and activities, perfect for squeezing into your busy day.

Our most popular courses include:


  • Communicating more effectively in your close relationships
  • Repairing relationship ruptures
  • How to take your relationship off autopilot
  • Navigating conflict in healthy ways
  • Self-care for sadness and depression
  • When to talk about money and finances
  • Befriending your inner critic
  • How to deal with jealous feelings in your relationship

Therapeutic Activities

Care for your mind and body with daily practices, including:

Relationship conversations

Hundreds of challenging questions that prompt meaningful conversation and bring you closer together.

Coping Skills

Simple and practical tactics that you can use when you need them most, like stopping a racing thought or overcoming a feeling of dread or anxiety.


Achieve tranquility and heightened awareness with our meditations. Choose from guided meditations or customize the meditations to your liking.


Tap into the power of your breath with our video-guided and animated breathwork.


Explore your most private thoughts and feelings and clear your mind with your digitally-encrypted journal.


Hundreds of positive statements to overcome anxiety and fear, build esteem and inner strength, develop a positive mindset, and more.

Daily Remble Videos

Each day a new video is released by one of our licensed therapists and added to our fast-growing library.

Some recent tips:

  • The myth of motivation
  • Making decisions when we’re stressed
  • Jaw relaxation exercise
  • How to ask for a conflict time-out
  • Four strategies for managing your anxiety
  • If you’re single, listen up!

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Introducing Mia. Our AI-Powered Chat.

At Remble, we understand that each person’s mental health journey is unique. That’s why we’ve created Mia – a private, secure, and anonymous chat space where you can pose your most confidential questions, tackling topics that might be considered difficult, private, or even potentially embarrassing.

With Mia, every question is answered instantly, concisely, and without judgment, drawing upon our mental health knowledge base, science-based solutions, and therapeutic knowledge that has been honed over years of practice.

Our Commitment

  • We provide you with the best science-backed expert advice available.
  • Everything we offer is simple, practical, and useful. At a cost far less than traditional therapy.
  • Your experience is personalized to you, using our innovative recommender intelligence.
  • We aggressively protect your privacy with state-of-the-art confidentiality protection.