Jordan Green – Healthy relating with Love Therapist

Jordan Green – Healthy relating with Love Therapist
Perspektiv – för en mer hälsosam relation till dig själv och andra

In this weeks episode I connect with therapist Jordan Green who is the founder of The Love Group for a conversation about creating healthy relationships, not only with your intimate partner but also in a family dynamic.

We talk about:

The fundamentals of a healthy relationship

How to create emotional safety

Tools for healthy communication

Relationship-check-ins for deeper connection

Why 90% of conflicts in relationships is triggered by our past and how to heal that

How to break a subconscious family role that you’ve taken on

How our relationship to our parents affects our love relationship

This is a conversation for you who are ready to heal thru love. Jordans message to all of us is: ”you are loved, and you belong here” Click here to see the episode


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