Understanding and Practicing the Language of Love feat. Jordan Green, LCSW

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Understanding and Practicing the Language of Love Featuring Jordan Green, LCSW Welcome to Seasons 3 Episode 5 of the Psych Life Podcast where we had the privilege of speaking with Jordan Green, LSCW who is the founder of the Instagram Platform @The.Love.Therapist . Jordan is a beautiful soul who enlightened us with her wisdom concerning various Love theories such as: – The Love Triangle by Robert Strenaburg – The Love Color wheel by Terri Tomlinson & – The 5 Love languages by Gary Chapman Jordan also provided us with tips on how to practice love with ourselves and significant other. To find Jordan visit: Jordanandrea.com or https://instagram.com/the.love.therap… (Instagram) πŸ”₯ Join our Free Newsletter To Get The Latest News And Insider Information πŸ”₯ www.PsychLife.org (By Subscribing you will receive a free copy of our Psych Life Self – Reflection Journal)

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